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Poziv za konsultanta/trenera

Save the Children in North-West Balkans

Is seeking for Consultant/trainer

Who will hold a training for teachers on risk reduction of natural and

Other disasters with a focus on children


Project name:

Resilience-building in Primary Schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Project duration:

May – December 2015.

Duration of the task:

1st October – 31st December 2015

Geographical focus:

Maglaj (Federation of BiH)


  1. Introduction


Save the Children is the world’s leading independent organization for children. Save the Children vision is a world in which every child attains the right to survival, protection, development and participation. Save the Children's mission is to inspire breakthroughs in the way the world treats children, and to achieve immediate and lasting change in their lives.


Having in mind needs and rights of the children as well as the situation in the region, Save the Children and its partner organizations jointly work on improving the situation for children in next areas: child rights governance, right to education, rights to protection against violence, abuse, exploitation and neglect and rights of children in emergencies. In tackling the most sensitive issues that affect children the most, especially children from vulnerable and marginalized groups, we implement our activities in cooperation with 25 partners – civil society organizations, government institutions and children groups, from grass-root to state level.


Save the Children in North-West Balkans (SCiNWB), based in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (B-H) conducts its activities in three countries: B-H, Serbia and Montenegro and supports realization of regional initiatives in the area of South East Europe.



  1. Rationale


Bosnia and Herzegovina and the entire region, during the last period, have faced increased number of natural or manmade disasters, which endanger the safety of all citizens. Low level of safety culture, reflected in unpreparedness and lack of information on disaster prevention and resilience among citizens, contributes to disaster risks increase and results in large-scale consequences for the individual and the society.


In order to increase resiliency to potential risks for children, families and schools, Save the Children is implementing a pilot project “Resilience-building in Primary Schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina”. The project is focused on the promotion of disaster risk reduction in schools, capacity building of teachers to educate students on given topics and development of a methodology for the inclusion of disaster risk reduction in emergency situations and develop accompanying educational materials.


The project is implemented in cooperation with Ministry of security of BiH with the approval of the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of Zenica – Doboj Canton and the Pedagogical Institute of Zenica – Doboj Canton, with the financial support of Malteser international.

Save the Children will, in cooperation with external consultants, organize and implement training for teachers of two primary schools in the municipality of Maglaj (Elementary school "Maglaj" and Elementary school "Novi Šeher" from Maglaj) on the subject of Disaster risk reduction from natural and other disasters, who will further on hold workshops with children.

The proposed intervention will build on the activities and lessons learned though implementation of DRR in the Child-Friendly Spaces and schools in flood affected areas in 2014, but also on Save the Children’s international and regional experience in development of a culture of safety and resiliency of communities.

  1. Scope of the Work


The Consultant shall, in accordance with the standards of Save the Children, and taking into account international and regional experience of this organization in developing a culture of safety and resiliency, do the following:

  1. Create and facilitate training for teachers on implementation of extracurricular activities on preventive actions and behaviour in emergency situations, in consultation with relevant SCiNWB staff. The goal of the training is: 1. To introduce teachers with the disasters that can affect schools and with preventive actions for potential risks, 2. To acquire skills for self-protection and the protection of students in emergency situations; 3. To acquire methodological knowledge and propose concrete methods of active and interactive learning for inclusion of these contents in extra-curricular activities.


Training participants will be 12 teachers (6 teachers per school - 2 for work with children from 1-4 grade and 4 to work with children from 5-9 grade) from elementary schools "Maglaj" and "Novi Šeher" from Maglaj. The goal of the training is to train teachers to conduct workshops with children related to the reduction of risks from natural and other disasters in schools. Training should be implemented following the methodology and the manual which was developed by Save the Children.

  1. Mentorship of teachers for a period of two months. For the teachers who completed the training, the consultant shall, in coordination with Save the Children, provide mentoring in the preparation of activities for children, attend work activities, emphasize positive and aggravating factors for students and teaching process and make suggestions and guidelines for further work.


  1. Submit the final report on activities implemented and the results achieved. The consultant will submit a final report that will include all the activities carried out and achievements in a given form in English language.




  1. Duties and responsibilities


An independent consultant will be engaged for a period of three months. Nevertheless, the work does not imply full time work during the whole period of engagement. The consultant will suggest the number of days required for the implementation of specific activities in his proposal (see section 6).

The consultants will develop and implement their schedules in consultation and support of relevant Save the Children staff.




  • Create and facilitate training for teachers on implementation of extracurricular activities on preventive actions and behaviour in emergency situations, in consultation with relevant SCiNWB staff

1.10. – 31.10.2015.

  • Mentorship of teachers for a period of two months

1.11. – 15.12.2015.

  • Submit the final report on the activities implemented and the results achieved.

16.12. – 31.12.2015.

*Time frame can be changed in consultation with relevant Save the Children staff.


5. Required Expertise and Experience

Consultant should possess the following expertise and skills as a minimum:


  • University degree in the field of civil defence, safety, civil protection, etc.


  • University degree in the field of education, human science, etc.
  • Minimum 3 years of experience in the field of education and direct work with teachers/students
  • Excellent command of English language;
  • Strong analytical skills and creativity;
  • Strong communication skills, with the ability to communicate detailed concepts clearly and concisely both in writing and verbally;
  • Innovative and creative approach to the set task.


Who can apply?

The call is open for consultants who meet all requirements or consulting teams consisting of education specialist and emergency specialist, as well as for consultants who are specialists in one of two above mentioned areas. Save the Children retains right to, subject to submitted applications, create an appropriate consulting team.


  1. Design and Methodology


The consultant will submit a technical and financial proposition including methodology to be used. The consultants are expected to propose their own methodology and specific work plan for performing the assignment covering Disaster Risk Reduction theme. An agreed comprehensive working calendar (Timeframe) will guide the process. The consultant will lead on the process of capacity building, follow up (mentorship) and other agreed deliverables. During the consultancy, the Consultant will mostly be working with SC staff in Sarajevo. Traveling is required (Gradačac and Šamac).



  1. Budget with Timeframe


The consultant must indicate the prices he/she is offering to Save the Children as part of the contract, including the currency in the Bidding Response document as well as SC-PR-10 - Request for Quotation if applying on behalf of a company or organisation. Provide a narrative clarification of each budgeted activity demonstrating how they relate to the proposed methodology and work plan. The budget headings and specific budget lines are obligatory within proposed budget (e.g. briefly describe the related activities to be performed on particular budget heading item and indicate the cost of each activity in budget line).

Note* Consultant needs to take into account travel and all other expenses related to his/her assignment as those will not be separately reimbursed.


  1. Application and Bidding Procedure


Interested consultant should develop and submit the bidding proposal in English language to respond to above mentioned specific tasks. The bidding proposal should include:

1. A clear description of the methodological approach with work frame and timeline (in the required form);

3. CV of consultant/s (maximum 3 pages per person) emphasizing relevant experience and with names and contact information of two references (in the required form).

  1. Selection Criteria


SC will make a decision on the most successful bidder, subject to the available budget, based on the following criteria: relevant education, relevant experience, and cost efficiency.

Particular requirement: No person performing any task for or on behalf of Save the Children must in any way be involved or associated with the abuse or exploitation of children as described in Save the Children’s Child Safeguarding Policy.

  1. Application Procedure

Interested candidates should send their applications to Ova adresa el. pošte je zaštićena od spambotova. Omogućite JavaScript da biste je vidjeli. no later than 25th September, 2015 at 12:00 o’clock. All candidates will be informed about the final decision.

1 External consultant

2. Curriculum Vitae_individual bidder response

3 ToR_DRR eng_final